Studer A800 2″ 16 Track headstack

I love the sound of 2″ 24 track but even more I adore the sound of 2″ 16 track! So finally I was able to acquire a 16 track headstack for my Studer A800!

The result: more dynamic range & less hiss!

So the new signal flow for mixing is:

Antelope DA –> Studer A800 2″ 16-Track –> Vintage Helios Console –> Telefunken M15 1/4″ Stereo –> Burl AD


New Arrival: Vintage Marshall JCM 800 in rare and sexy red color!!!

The gear family has a new member: A vintage Marshall JCM 800 amp in rare red color! Sounds great and looks even more so!

I will use this rig to re-amp weak guitar tracks while mixing! So guys take this as a reminder to always record DI Tracks with a splitter parallel to your own amp setup! DI Tracks always come in handy while mixing…

Vintage Marshall JCM 800 in red