New Arrival: Vintage Marshall JCM 800 in rare and sexy red color!!!

The gear family has a new member: A vintage Marshall JCM 800 amp in rare red color! Sounds great and looks even more so!

I will use this rig to re-amp weak guitar tracks while mixing! So guys take this as a reminder to always record DI Tracks with a splitter parallel to your own amp setup! DI Tracks always come in handy while mixing…

Vintage Marshall JCM 800 in red

Too much work or radioactivity?

Not sure if it´s just too much work or the radioctivity which suddenly made my Mac keyboard fall apart?! Oh come on you stupid little keyboard, labeling some tracks cant be too much typing for you, right?

Well anyways, I exchanged it with a Pro Tools color coded keyboard and hope this can keep up with me.

Has this ever happened to you too?

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