Too much work or radioactivity?

Not sure if it´s just too much work or the radioctivity which suddenly made my Mac keyboard fall apart?! Oh come on you stupid little keyboard, labeling some tracks cant be too much typing for you, right?

Well anyways, I exchanged it with a Pro Tools color coded keyboard and hope this can keep up with me.

Has this ever happened to you too?

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Congratulations AMOS! Album wins iF Award 2011

I just got fantastic News, my mixing client AMOS won the highly aclaimed iF Design Award 2011 for his Vinyl Release and Art project: Showtime.

The whole Release was a great sucess and just shows that real art and smart marketing can go hand in hand. AMOS new Album was pressed as a white label vinyl and 350 artists from all over the world crafted and designed the artworks by hand.

The Vinyl records were exhibited in art galleries all over Germany and framed by AMOS German tour.

If you wanna grab one of the last unicums visti Amos site:

I am very happy that I was part of this mega project and I am proud of the sound which I mixed analog in my studio The Private Room.

More and more artists release their music as a Vinyl in combination of a MP3 download. Do you have a record player?

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What to do with lifeless Tracks?

I often have to deal with very bad recorded tracks which sound lifeless and dull! Most of the time the problem results from the combination of cheap digital recording equipment and too small recording environments.

Either the rooms are not acoustically treated at all or the acoustics are killed with some kind of foam.

It´s one of the hardest thing to bring life into dead tracks! Tape compression and analog mixing definately helps but sometimes I need a extra portion of life, width and dimension.

What I do is to play back the lifeless track through my control rooms monitors and record it back with a special binaural microphone system. The binaural microphone is formed like a human head and has capsules sitting in the ear canal.

It´s is called the KU-100 and is build from Neumann.

The KU-100 brings real 3D dimension to tracks and if you listen to it on headphones it sounds like the sound is coming from all around you!

This microphone ist the best stereo widener tool on earth! Well its a $6,000 stereo spreader, but hey  it´s better than all the widener plugin crap which just destroys the phase and punch of your mixes.

Oh and as a bonus it looks like a human beeing, so you don´t feel alone in the studio!

We all know mixing can be a very lonely task, so $6,000 is a fair price to have at least one good friend!

Do you record in a acoustically treated environment?

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Welcome to my new Analog Mixing Blog!

Hey guys,

welcome to my new blog!

I will try to blog regulary about my life as a mixer and share some tips about mixing, recording and audio gear!

I will also talk alot about music marketing and what I learned from my own music label and online marketing agency here in Germany.

So, lets get this going and have some fun…

Clemens Schleiwies

What are you most interested in?

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