Congratulations AMOS! Album wins iF Award 2011

I just got fantastic News, my mixing client AMOS won the highly aclaimed iF Design Award 2011 for his Vinyl Release and Art project: Showtime.

The whole Release was a great sucess and just shows that real art and smart marketing can go hand in hand. AMOS new Album was pressed as a white label vinyl and 350 artists from all over the world crafted and designed the artworks by hand.

The Vinyl records were exhibited in art galleries all over Germany and framed by AMOS German tour.

If you wanna grab one of the last unicums visti Amos site:

I am very happy that I was part of this mega project and I am proud of the sound which I mixed analog in my studio The Private Room.

More and more artists release their music as a Vinyl in combination of a MP3 download. Do you have a record player?

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